Messing with Machine Learning

I started from Karpathy's really good post about RNN's for text generation and thought I'd extend it.

Yuilop is pretty cool

It's basicly Google Voice, but for the UK.

The good bits:

  • It works on wifi or mobile data.
  • It's free.
  • It seemlessly can send texts from the website

It's really cool apart from a few things:

My phone number

I'll publish it here on the web. That may or may not be stupid... I shall find out!

Oliver Mattos' phone number is: 07010089998

FM - Improved

You can find the new version of the PiFm radio transmitter at

It now uses just 5% of the cpu instead of 100%. It allows you to pipe audio into it from other programs. It uses DMA, and has an audio buffer for constant rate glitch free playback.

Finally, it also implements FM pre-emphesis, which gives the resulting sound the correct amount of "bass" and noise immunity.

Raspberry PI - now with FM inbuilt!

So you looked down the Raspberry Pi spec sheet but weren't happy they didn't include an FM transmitter? No worries! I found it's possible to transmit FM using the clock generator built into the broadcom chipset. Just hook up a bit of wire as an antenna, and you're good to go.

Code and examples and a mini-explanation of how it works are to be found here:

Lg KP500 cookie - sending SMS's with AT commands

In short - it doesn't work. That means if you connect the phone to a computer, you CANNOT get the computer to send a text message for you.

It will give "+CMS ERROR: 314", which means "The sim card is busy".

If you try to send a stored message you will get "+CME ERROR:" - yep - thats right it doesn't even meet the spec and give an error number...

That occurs if you try text mode or PDU mode. It occurs over bluetooth or usb cable. It occurs if the messaging app on the phone is open or closed.

Things you can do though:

Testers wanted...

For this:

Google Chrome Dev channel recommended. Firefox, Safari work but with bugs. Give the link to your friends, but don't post it on digg/reddit etc. because the server can only handle about 30 people at a time right now. In return, you must send me an email with comments or suggestions, particularly if you've tried to make a game.

The 0007 from London to Cambridge...

It isn't often you have fun on a train...

The 00:07 on Sunday evenings to Cambridge on the other hand is a different story. For one thing, it seems to be free, because the ticket barriers are open, and hence you get to keep your ticket for later use, provided it's still valid of course. That isn't what makes it "fun" though.

Game of Life

I knocked up a quick "game of life" on html canvas in 20 mins - enjoy!

The problem with Chrome Extensions

One big aim for Extensions in any browser is to provide something which modifies the page the user is viewing. For example, one might want to highlight certain links, add spellcheck, block flash, block ads, or implement parental controls.

The "content scripts" part of Googles extension system is designed specifically for this, but there is one large flaw - A content script can't modify page content on the fly as it's loaded.


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